Stress-Free Dentistry for Kids

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As your child grows older, they’ll develop their likes and dislikes. For some, this may include a dislike of dental visits due to the noise of the equipment or having to lie entirely still. Whatever the case might be, it’s common for children and even adults to experience fear or anxiety during dental visits and treatment. If your child struggles with dental visits, rest assured that our team at Summit Family Kids Dentistry will do our best to make them comfortable and ease their fears.

Kid-Friendly Office

One of the advantages of taking your children to a dental office geared to kids is that the environment automatically makes them feel more at home. Summit Family Kids Dentistry has lots of amenities designed to make the dentist a safe and happy place for your family. In addition to our kids’ play corner, we offer complimentary refreshments, comfy blankets and pillows. Another perk is the chance for your child to watch their favorite Netflix shows on TVs throughout the office.

Caring Team of Professionals

The Summit Family Kids Dentistry team knows that a different approach is needed when working with children. Our team members are extra friendly, kind, and caring. Their gentle touch makes kids feel at ease. We will also explain each procedure to your child in terms that they can understand so that they know what to expect. When you make our office your dental home, we hope that your young family members will feel like they are visiting old friends when they come in for their cleanings and exams twice a year.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For special cases, we offer oral conscious sedation. When patients receive oral conscious sedation, we provide you with a pill that your child should take before their appointment. The prescribed pill will send them into a relaxed state, possibly making them tired but still able to communicate with our team. Before patients receive sedation dentistry, we review their medical history and treatment plan. Our team will provide thorough instructions on preparing your child for sedation and how to care for them after.

Children’s Dentistry in Littleton, CO

At Summit Family Kids Dentistry, our experienced team will help your child get the dental care they need in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We accept many insurance plans and can offer flexible financing if necessary. New patients are always welcome! Give us a call or click the contact link to schedule an appointment.

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