Are Root Canals Necessary for Kids?

Graphic showing the steps to a root canal.

A root canal is a treatment for an infected tooth. It allows a dentist to clean out infected tissue without removing the entire tooth! For kids, is a root canal necessary if the baby tooth will fall out eventually?

Why Baby Teeth Matter

Baby teeth (also called primary teeth) are important for a kid’s mouth and jaw development. If a baby tooth is removed before it’s ready due to trauma or infection, there are negative health consequences. A child’s speech and chewing function are affected. Losing a tooth prematurely can also interfere with the eruption of permanent teeth, making it more likely a child will need orthodontic treatment.

Signs Your Kid Might Need a Root Canal

Tooth infections can cause many different symptoms. As soon as your child complains of any of these symptoms, please contact a dentist as soon as possible. We’ll only recommend a root canal if it’s the best choice for your kid’s health.

  • Dull, aching pain
  • Sharp, intense pain
  • Pain that comes & goes
  • Increased sensitivity to hot & cold foods & drinks
  • Gum tenderness & swelling

What Is a Root Canal Like?

Root canals for kids are called “baby root canals.” They’re faster and less invasive than root canals for adults. We’ll drill a tiny hole in the crown of the affected tooth and remove the tissue from the pulp chamber. We’ll then place a crown on the tooth to protect it from bacteria. Your child won’t feel pain during the procedure thanks to local anesthetics. We also offer safe sedation options.

Root Canals at Summit Family Kids Dentistry

Our Summit Family Kids Dentistry team in Littleton, CO knows the dentist can be a scary place for kids, so we’re committed to providing safe, stress-free dental services for young patients. Root canals sound intimidating, but thanks to modern dentistry, they’re much more comfortable and less invasive than in the past. Saving a child’s baby tooth protects their oral health. If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, please contact us today!

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